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Welcome (a), my name is Joaquim Gomes (♏) and this is my portfolio!

Did you know?

Acording National Learning Infrastructure Initiative, “portfolio is a collection of authentic and diverse evidence, drawn from a larger archive representing what a person or organization has learned over time on
which the person or organization has reflected, and designed for presentation to one or more
audiences for a particular rhetorical purpose”. (NLII, 2003)

“Portfolio provide a powerful environment in which students can collect and organize the
artifacts that result from engaging in these challenging, real-life tasks, and write the reflections
through which students draw meaning”. (Barrett, “The REFLECT Initiative”, p.21, 2005)

“Portfolio allows to improve student learning by providing a structure for students to reflect systematically over time on the learning process and to develop the aptitudes, skills and habits that come from critical reflection”. (John Zubizaretta, “Learning Portfolios”, p.14, 2004)

Well! Here you can see some of my work, whether done during my academic career, either with the projects currently.

If you need any information about my projects just to do this, follow the link for “Contacts” and add your questions, or leave your question in the “Guestbook”, so everyone can give their opinion.

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